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Frequently Asked Questions

"When am I due for a new referral from my GP?"

You can check when your next referral from your GP is due by looking at your most recent invoice. Under the section "Medicare Claim", your Medicare card and referral details are listed. Next to "Referral Date", you will be able to see how many sessions of your current referral you have used.

In the example below, the "client" has used 5 out of 6 sessions permitted under their current referral. It would be a good time for them to book a GP appointment.

"When is my next appointment?"

You are able to view a full list of all upcoming booked appointments via your client portal. You can also book further appointments, reschedule and cancel appointments through your client portal.

How do I access my client portal?

You will receive an invitation to your client portal via email once you have become a current client. 

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More FAQs to be added over time...

Medicare Issues

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