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Telehealth Sessions

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Telehealth sessions offer a viable alternative when face-to-face is not accessible. Research indicates that psychotherapy via online videolink can be just as effective as face-to-face; and should be utilised as needed in order to ensure continuity of care.

Reasons why you might choose to attend your session(s) via Telehealth:

  • Convenience

  • Unable to leave the house (e.g., illness or injury)

  • Living or travelling in a rural location or a different State

Tips for Preparing for Telehealth Services

Australian Psychological Society (APS)

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Maintain privacy

Make sure you have a suitable private space. Think about who else can potentially overhear the conversation. Who else will be in the room? Who is in the room next door?​

You may choose to wear headphones to ensure that nobody will overhear anything said by your clinician.

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Minimise distractions

Remove potential distractions from the room (e.g., mobile phone switched off, turn off music/television, no interruptions from others, ensure children are cared for during the session so you don’t need to attend to them). ​

If you are worried about "thin walls" at home, you could try playing white noise on your mobile or through a speaker just outside your door - to muffle any potential sound escaping through.

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Access to technology

Make sure you have access to appropriate technology (e.g., computer/tablet/phone, camera, microphone) and a reliable internet connection for videoconferencing, telephone or mobile with reliable coverage. ​

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Good visibility

Position the camera appropriately so the psychologist can see you clearly on the screen. Make sure you are in a space that is well-lit, allowing a clear image and good eye contact.

It is recommended that you sit at a desk, if possible - rather than in bed, at a park or in your car.

You may also want to consider using a device with a larger screen, if possible, rather than your mobile phone. This will help you to feel more connected throughout the call.



Think about how you present yourself - for example, wearing appropriate clothing that reflects what you would ordinarily wear to an in-person session.

Hosted via Zoom

Telehealth sessions are securely hosted via Zoom with password protection. To make the best use of session time, it is recommended that you download the Zoom app (here) on your device prior to your session.

If Zoom isn't working well – please let Chelsea know via text message or email; and an alternative meeting link will be sent.

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in a world that tells us

there is a "normal.”

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